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Ian O'Byrne

Did a talk tonight about "parenting and screentime" at Sires Elementary School. For one of my was her first time. The other one has been through this many times. :)

Ian O'Byrne

January 4th, 2016

2 min read

Back to work today. I don't teach classes until thursday. Working on cleaning up "to-do" list and using Trello for long term (quarterly) goals. Will work on the website a bit today.

In thinking about goal setting, one of the things that popped up on my radar this morning from Eylan Ezekiel was a link and schematic about Ikigai and the Japanese concept around a "reason for being." He mentioned these concepts as he's been reading Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

As I detail goals, I'm not having trouble with day to day goals. As an educator, there is some rhythm to my daily week. I have three classes this semester and will have the steady stream of classes, grading, emails, etc. I'll also have several research projects starting up this semester. Publications will also happen...even as I knocked out several over the last semester.

The challenge I'm having is as I'm deep in thought about what longer term goals should be in my life. I don't think that tenure should be the one and only goal in my life. I've gone through too much in the last year or so (and academia has it's own issues with tenure systems lately). I also think that there should be larger goals that I strive for. 

I'm moving to a quarterly system of identifying and achiving goals. I want to be able to identify a goal, and identify what I'll do over the next week or two to work toward that goal to make it a reality. 

The one stumbling block I've had over the last week or so is a nagging doubt about the "what you can be paid for" and "what the world needs" questions up top. I want to build up online pay content on a new site. I know that I can be paid for it...I have in the past...and continue to be. I also know the world needs it. I'm just wondering about putting it up online to support learners.

We'll see how it shakes out. :)