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Ian O'Byrne

Maybe stories are just data with a soul. - Brené Brown In issue 122 of TL;DR. Subscribe at #dreams

Ian O'Byrne

January 14, 2016

2 min read

Unless it comes unasked out of your heart and your mind and your mouth and your gut, don't do it. - Charles Bukowski

This quote comes from So you want to be a writer by Bukowski and it identifies some of thinking and feeling...and self-doubt I'm having as I start up projects this new year.

As new opportunities present themselves, sometimes you come into contact with other options that don't entirely fit your goals. I need to start to be able to say no to opportunities and identify more value in my own time, experience, and work. 

This sentiment echoes the "Hell yeah or no" philosophy that I encountered recently from Derek Sivers. 

I do need, and want these new opportunities. I also recognize that saying no to certain pieces, and knowing how to focus my time and energy is a primary concern. Over the past two to three weeks I've been wrapped in some stupid things that are of no concern, or significance. My energy and focus needs to stay committed on my pririoties and goals. The other silliness and drama is of no concern and value as I progress.

My best response to these pieces is to automatically think about whether or not I really want to do it..and I feel that love in my gut. If not, I need to say no. For the episodes that pop up and try to demand my attention, I need to stop trying to figure it out, and stop wasting time and mental capital. I need to just accept it/them and move on.

Acceptance is the absence of resistance.