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Ian O'Byrne

Maybe stories are just data with a soul. - Brené Brown In issue 122 of TL;DR. Subscribe at #dreams

Ian O'Byrne

Researchers Explain Complex Ideas in Three Minutes or Less (3MT)

I have my students end one of my classes with an Ignite style talk discussing what they learned that semester. Actually, I frame it as "what was your story this semester." 

The end presentations were inspiring, moving, and human. 

I might start my upcoming classes with having them identify a research topic, and explain it in this format. 

I do have to explain that I'm teaching it's terribly germane. :)

Ian O'Byrne

March 17, 2016

2 min read

This week I submitted my application to speak at TEDx Charleston 2016. The questions and responses are available here for review.

I learned some things in the process as I compiled, revised, and submitted this information.

First, I learned that need to re-examine my writing process. As I write I typically need to start with something to get started. If I'm writing individually or collaboratively, I'll add in an organizer, notes from previous work, or placeholders to get my mind running. For this piece, I pulled content from the last two or three pieces that I've sent out that hold the same theme. It's pretty much the ideas I presented in the first JAAL column, and have been building up over time. I need to look at this process and see if there is an easier way to jumpstart new ideas in my writing.

Second, I need to embed more stories in my writing. If I were to progress to the next stage and get accepted to present, I would have to build in a story to tell on stage. In my application however...I didn't worry about stories. I painted a picture of the current landscape, and make a clinical, tactical, academic argument. I need to start to (and continue to) fold in stories to capture the audience.

Third, I need to add more "sexy." Usually when I stand up to talk, I'll identify a point that is sexy, salacious, or provocative. Something that gets the mind rolling. In the application, and in future writing, I need to figure out how to bring out this element early, and make the reader want to stick around.