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Ian O'Byrne

The palace is not safe when the cottage is not happy. - Benjamin Disraeli In issue of my newsletter. You should subscribe at #civilian


Ian O'Byrne

The job of a citizen is to keep his mouth open. - Gunter Grass #freedom

Ian O'Byrne

Is Yahoo really advising me to secure my account?!?!

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In issue #66 of the TL;DR Newsletter, I discussed the recent security breaches and lack of transparency coming out of Yahoo. First there was the report that millions of Yahoo accounts and passwords were stolen and the company did nothing to alert users. This week was the even more chilling Reuters report that suggests that Yahoo has been scanning user emails and communications. This information is being handed over to U.S. intelligence officials.

In the newsletter I discussed that I need to finally start using my own email server.

At this point, I mostly use Yahoo services for Flickr and fantasy football. While signing in this past weekend, I thought it was funny that Yahoo is asking me to update my info so I can secure my account. :)

I needed to get a screengrab to capture the moment.

Ian O'Byrne

Trust is like blood pressure. It's silent, vital to good health, and if abused it can be deadly. - Frank Sonnenberg

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What is Trust?

Trust is the belief by the trustor that the trustee is capable of delivering on a promise.

Trust is the belief by the trustor that the trustee is honest and fair and will not exploit the trustor's vulnerability.

How can you grow or build trust?

Giving trust involves taking a risk. Trying to reduce the risk means possibily reduing the trust involved in that relationship. 

Honesty and timing are key factors in building and rebuilding trust. Be truthful and realistic. Communicate.

Transparency. You need to dare to bare it all in the relationship and put yourself out there. 

Practice what you preach. Lead by example.

How can you build trust culture?

If you start with trust and stick to it, others will follow. Trust can be part of the DNA of what makes up the habits and practices of the culture.