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Moving from digital portfolios to a domain of one’s own

Digital portfolios are personalized, active, and multimodal. These can take the form of a personalized, web-based collection of work and reflections used to demonstrate key skills and accomplishments for a variety of contexts and time periods. In an earlier post, I detailed the elements of a digital portfolio, and described the benefits for students and educators. This… Continue reading

A Domain of WithKnown

TL;DR Version: I’m launching a new section of this website using withknown at where I’ll be sharing curated content, and commentary. Read more about the genesis of this below. I’ll discuss how I made this happen, and iterations over time in upcoming posts. I’ve been increasingly drawn to the notion of the #indieweb movement…. Continue reading

I Blog…therefore I am…

As we search and sift while reading online we’re confronted by an endless torrent of text, hypertext, and multimodal content. As technology progresses, this information source ebbs and flows, but for the most part we’re witnessing the evolution of what will become a steady stream of content that we use to read, write, and communicate…. Continue reading