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Construction and/or Creation of Online Content

Over the past couple of years I’ve worked with colleagues to help extend research in online reading comprehension to include other elements of literacy that I think are missing from the model. Through various initiatives we’ve developed elements of online collaborative inquiry, and online content construction to help expand the work students are involved in as they use online information sources… Continue reading

Student Responsibilities and Educational Technologies

After the completion of the MA New Literacies Institute, I spent a good amount of time reflecting of the week of work. I considered the implications of the work we’ve conducted so far in trumpeting the need for authentic and effective use of technology in the classroom. I considered my own responsibilities and the responsibilities of teachers as these technologies are (could be)… Continue reading

Preparing for the MA NLI 2012

We are quickly approaching the week of festivities for the Massachusetts New Literacies Institute 2012. For those of you that are unaware, we bring in 100 teachers from all over the State, and 10 teacher leaders. The week is a gigantic workshop/conference/professional development extravaganza. We have a great schedule of keynotes, digging deeper sessions, and focused… Continue reading

Administration and Technology

Recently I had the privilege of receiving a message on Facebook from a friend that I taught with for a couple years. He is making the move into administration and asked me how he potentially could respond to the following question that a school district was planning on asking him during their interview process.  “From your point of view, how important is technology… Continue reading