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A grant proposal for the ELATED (English Language Arts & Technology in Education) Project

This post shares our submitted materials for an Improving Teacher Quality Higher Education Grant available from the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE). The funding opportunity announcement (FOA) for this is available here. The full proposal was submitted on September 29th, 2016, and was defended in person at the SC CHE offices on Friday, October… Continue reading

The Challenge of Open, Online Scholarship in Academia

TL;DR Version: An identification of recent trends in the discussion about open publishing/open scholarship concluding with possible steps to respect the culture/tradition of academia while accounting for changes in literacy and technology. Every year we hear a clarion call asking academics (e.g., researchers, scholars, professors) to maintain more of a public presence. In this I… Continue reading

Moving Toward Transparency in Higher Education

Transparency has rarely been the hallmark of business and governments – just ask former Enron, Lehman Brothers, or Countrywide Financial executives; ask President Nixon or Edward Snowden. Neither, it seems, has it been a defining characteristic within higher education. Beyond the publication of faculty salaries at public institutions, most of the sacred aspects of academia… Continue reading

Teaching, Learning, and Sharing Openly Online

Last week my second of four columns as Multiliteracies Department Editor for JAAL was published. The column, titled Teaching, Learning, and Sharing Openly Online discusses the challenges and opportunities as educators and students teach and learn openly online. Open learning is becoming a critical focus for K-12 technology-supported programs, both those strictly online as well as blended classroom… Continue reading