<span class='p-name'>Article Review and Study Design Task for My Comprehensive Exams</span>

Article Review and Study Design Task for My Comprehensive Exams

As part of my Cognition and Instruction Comprehensive Examinations, the second part was the Article Review and Study Design Task. I included in below the task I was given. My response is embedded below.



Attached is a study that appeared in Computers and Education: “Technology uses and student achievement: A longitudinal study” by Jing Lei and Yong Zhao. This is a fairly representative study for any newly emerging area such as technology and media use in the classroom.  That is, there are typically many weaknesses in early research that only become apparent with time.  In five, single-spaced pages, systematically organize and critique the major design and interpretive weaknesses in this study.  Relate both your design and interpretive concerns to other studies in this area that have taken more rigorous approaches to issues of technology and media use and classrooms and the relationships to learning.


Identify the most important research question(s) in the area of media construction and communication in school classrooms. Then design a study to answer your question(s).  In five, single-spaced, pages present the research question(s), the rationale, theoretical framework, methodology, and analytic approach(es) you would use, including both independent and dependent measures. You may include instruments that have yet to be developed.  If so, please describe, briefly, how each would be evaluated for both validity and reliability.

O'Byrne Response to Comprehensive Exam Article Review and Study Design Task

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