<span class='p-name'>Identity Construction and Representation Through a Music Playlist</span>

Identity Construction and Representation Through a Music Playlist

This week I started up with the MakingLearningConnected MOOC. In this work I’d like to extend my thinking from the Mozilla TeachTheWeb MOOC and connect with scholars from the National Writing Project and the Making Learning Connected communities. You can learn more about MakingLearningConnected by reading here, or just go ahead and join us!!!

For the first week we were directed to create a symbolic representation of who we are. I chose to put together a music playlist in 8tracks for this submission. Over the past couple of weeks in the TeachTheWeb MOOC I’ve built a number of video and website remixes using Thimble, Popcorn, and other tools. I wanted to create, and share a music playlist that others could listen to as they work online in the MOOC. This is also motivated by work by one of my students in my Reading & Writing Across the Curriculum class. We’ve been talking about identity construction and the cultural values individuals express through music. As a result…I started developing my playlist.

To build this first make, I used 8tracks. I have been using 8tracks for a number of years now. I find it easy to create playlists using my own music, or music on Soundcloud. This can then be shared online in the Chrome app, or on the Android or iOs apps. Playback is free…think of 8tracks as a sort of handcrafted Pandora. If you’re planning on using 8tracks in your classroom, you should be aware that some of the playlists that people create are not safe at all for use in a classroom. There are also some that contain artwork that is not safe for use in the classroom. I upload the playlists to my account on 8tracks and either play from my computer…or embed on a webpage. You can mark off playlists as “NSFW”, or even block them from your account. I chose to really protect myself by only playing & sharing my playlists.

All of my playlists on 8tracks contain about 50 tracks…I don’t really know why I selected this amount, but it seems to work. I also focus on a “color” when making playlists. I’m looking for a specific genre of music, and a certain type of mood. For the first make of the #clmooc I developed a playlist titled “Salmon.” It’s all ambient electronica that is nice for mindlessly coding, making, and remixing online content.

Salmon from wiobyrne on 8tracks Radio.

Image CC by morton

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  1. Chad

    What a cool idea. I have a playlist (using Torch Music – have you heard of it?) and I’m constantly adding and removing stuff because I really want to find the ultimate list of songs that fit my personality. It’s tons of work but I love it!

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