Democratizing AI

Three part series on ethics and artificial intelligence from Richard Whitt,

Democratize AI (Part I)

How to ensure human autonomy over our computational “screens, scenes, and unseens.”

Democratize AI (Part 2): The Personal AI 

a potentially effective way to challenge the one-sided proliferation of Institutional AIs is the introduction of human-agential artificial intelligence — let’s just call them Personal AIs. These virtual avatars would directly serve each of us as human beings, and our chosen communities of interest — including family, friends, and other social ties. Part III in this series (coming soon) will lay out a proposed action plan — the “how” — to help make these aspirations a reality.

Democratizing AI (Part 3)

The thesis is that not just billionaire industrialists deserve to have personalized virtual assistants. Ordinary people should have the ability to own a Personal AI, acting as a fully accountable computational agent to represent their self-sovereign interests. Without our concerted push-back against current trendlines, however, Institutional AIs instead will become the de facto norm of our time.