<span class='p-name'>Reflections from Week Seven of the #WALKMYWORLD Project</span>

Reflections from Week Seven of the #WALKMYWORLD Project

We’re drawing to the close of week seven, or learning event seven of the #WALKMYWORLD project. Once again we’ve have a great deal of sharing and incredible content that has come through the Twitter hashtag. For that I am thankful. It’s always a blast to take a scroll through a column in Tweetdeck or Hootsuite and see what people are sharing. It might be me…but I sensed a slight shift in the tides this week. It might have been a slight undercurrent…but I felt something this week.

A couple elements of note for this week…in no particular order:

I published a guest post this week for IRA’s Reading Today Online. It was my week in the cue, and the topic I was to discuss was “social networking and digital tools.” I thought for a moment…and then it was all pretty clear. I’m hoping that we see a new wave of people joining us in the project. I’m sure they’ll have fun reviewing the previous work that has already been shared.

Several of you added to the collaborative playlist that we’re putting together for Happiness by Hass. You will always be able to log in and edit the mixtape. You can also use the account for other collaborative mix tapes. You can preview the published mixtape below.

Happiness by Hass #WALKMYWORLD from CollaboList on 8tracks Radio.

We’ve been requesting that you all start writing and sharing poetry…once again Kate Booth and her students took the lead. Take a peek at the wonderful writing, and connections to Inanimate Alice. As a side note for any Elementary teachers that might be reviewing these materials following the post on @IRAToday…please take an extended look at the blog posts and content from Kate’s blog and look at what her students are accomplishing. I can only dream about this work…they’re actually doing it. Please go review her blog.

I wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the posts from the #WALKMYWORLD project that never get recognition. Kate Mrowka is an English teacher in our program…and she isn’t required to tweet in this project…but she’s one of the most active. 🙂 She usually has a funny quip, anecdote, or picture that encapsulates life as a grad student trying to make sense of Education. I’d urge her to play some more with Vine…and let’s see some more poetry…I know she knows how to do it.

Another member that I would suggest following is Josh Horwitz. Josh is a science teacher in our program and has really tried everything that we’ve set in front of him for this project. He’s actively trying to play with Vine…and mad when it doesn’t work correctly. He’s also trying to mess around with poetry…and that’s cool. I’d like to get @dogtrax on him for a couple of weeks to see what happens.

There is something about the work that Jason Smith shares each week that usually grabs me. I don’t know Jason…but I want to based on his content. I sense a creative mind that wants to break out. Once again…I’d love to see more poetry…and play a bit more.

Speaking of playing, the incredible Julie Wise has been active in the #WALKMYWORLD project. She also broke new ground by starting off the first collaborative poetry writing project. Nervous about writing your own poetry…never fear…come write with your friends. Several of us have already added our lines. Come on in and add your own thoughts.

Finally, the annotations on the Robert Hass poems at PoetryGenius have been incredible. Please get in there and add your own thoughts and links. It’s been fun adding content with all of you…and seeing what you see in the poetry. For those of you that have been enjoying PoetryGenius, I’d like to point out that some of the great folks behind the site reached out and offered access into their EducatorGenius side of the site. There is a “meta-level” of discussion on the texts…and I can see using this tool for classroom practice. If you’re interested, please contact them at education@rapgenius.com. We’ll have more info in the coming weeks.


Thanks again for all that you share in the #WALKMYWORLD project. We’ve got some fun in store for you during the final three weeks. 🙂


Image CC by boyishhistory


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