Thanks again for the feedback Chris.

I agree about the challenges of academia getting stuck in our/their ways. There is always discussion about how institutions want to be more progressive and utilize these different opportunities for publishing, research, teaching, and service. Yet when it comes down to a group of individuals on a tenure committee (I can only speak from my own experience) there is a reliance on…”this is nice, but where is your empirical research in a peer-reviewed journal?”

I have tried to include my blog count, and other metrics in tenure materials, yet there still remains that question that I detailed above. I also shared metrics and indications of value from my Hybrid Ped publication, these too were met with questions about research. I do have some research coming out soon in an open, peer-reviewed journal. It will be interesting to see what response this has.

Finally, the “pre-print” debate is a big one in publishing right now. I’m advising one of my organizations on this topic. I’m also interested in finding great ways to list these activities on this site as a personal library of sorts.