<span class='p-name'>You Won’t Believe What This One Teacher Shared on Week Three of the #WALKMYWORLD Project</span>

You Won’t Believe What This One Teacher Shared on Week Three of the #WALKMYWORLD Project

Welcome to week three of the #WALKMYWORLD project. To learn more about the project, please review the materials in the initial blog post. The #WALKMYWORLD project asks individuals to share a piece of multimodal content (image, video, audio?) that gives us a chance to take a peek into their world for a brief “walk.” This content is shared once a week for ten weeks on Twitter using the #WALKMYWORLD hashtag.

In the title for this week I’m playing a bit with the recent notion/plague of online content, and that is upworthy content. There is an “upworthy generator” that you can check out. As well as the various memes that have started up with this phenomenon. At the curx of this is creation of titles that bait the reader into clicking on it just to figure out what is happening. Many times the content doesn’t even reflect the title…but that doesn’t matter. What we’re witnessing is wordsmithing with a focus on identifying how the reader should feel when reading this content.

So, with that I dare/urge you to go out on Twitter, search for the #WALKMYWORLD hashtag. See what your friends, colleagues, and total strangers are sharing openly online. Be intrigued by their deft/clumsy use of multimodal content. Open yourself up and share your own images, video, and audio.


Image CC by NightAndWind

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