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Three steps to move students from readers to writers of digital content

The term digital native was coined and popularized by Marc Prensky in his 2001 article titled Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. In this he posited that the contemporary decline in American education was due to educators’ inability to understand the needs of modern students. Students were labeled digital natives and said to have an insider’s perspective… Continue reading

Preparing Students to be Literate Digitally in a Digitally Literate Environment of Their Own

In our everyday interactions, we utilize a variety of digital texts and tools to create and curate a digital identity. We have websites linked to other websites. Social media links connecting this work to the work of peers and colleagues. We use social networks to tweet, blog, and post our ideas and share his out with the world to… Continue reading

Work Habits of the Digital Native

I recently had the privelege of presenting a two day session to the participants of the Keystone State Reading Association‘s Leadership Workshop. Under the direction of KSRA President Julie Wise, the organization is thoughtfully investigating ways to integrate digital texts and tools into their organizational work flow. As part of this initiative, they have a year long series… Continue reading