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Develop an assessment of critical online information literacies

Increasingly, students are using the Internet to obtain information about both general and academic topics. Along with this trend there is a growing concern about the dubious nature of online information, and users’ ability to validate or evaluate this information. Research shows that students are frequently deceived when viewing online content and are not able… Continue reading

Preparing Students to be Literate Digitally in a Digitally Literate Environment of Their Own

In our everyday interactions, we utilize a variety of digital texts and tools to create and curate a digital identity. We have websites linked to other websites. Social media links connecting this work to the work of peers and colleagues. We use social networks to tweet, blog, and post our ideas and share his out with the world to… Continue reading

Using Online Resources and Google Scholar to Conduct Research in the Classroom

TL;DR Version: In this blog post I share the strategies I use to conduct research on personal, health, and academic topics using online tools. I promote the use of online virtual library connections, Internet searches, and Google Scholar to conduct research. During classes in secondary classrooms or higher education courses many times you will need to… Continue reading