<span class='p-name'>Opening New Doors in #WalkMyWorld – Learning Event One 2015</span>

Opening New Doors in #WalkMyWorld – Learning Event One 2015

This week we officially get started with the #WalkMyWorld Project 2015. Last week was a “pre-project week” in which we started by getting our Twitter accounts rolling, talking about privacy/security, and geotagging. By now, you should have all prepped, prepared, and have your columns saved on Tweetdeck. πŸ™‚

Let’s gets started.

One Hub to Rule Them All

All learning events, and teaching materials will be shared on the #WalkMyWorld Project site. We thought it would be important to have everything easy to locate in one spot. I’ll still share the materials and learning events on this blog, but the primary place to review these materials will be the project site. It can be tricky to hunt and follow posts over time.

You might want to bookmark, or save in Evernote/Pocket these two links.

The #WalkMyWorld main project site is here.

The landing page for all learning events in 2015 is here.

Now on to our first learning event….

Opening New Doors

This year in the #WalkMyWorld Project we’ll be thinking about identity, and connecting with others online. As we start, the first learning event for 2015 asks you to consider doors in your life. We ask you to think about literal, and figurative doors in your worlds. Specifically, what doors do you have in theΒ real world, and whatΒ digital doors do you have?

For the first learning event, we ask that you think about these doors, and think about why you chose them. Use the digital text or tool of your choice to capture and share a representation of one (or all) of these doors.

How Do I Do This?

First, review the description for Learning Event One at this page. You might also chose to share the “short URL” for this first event (http://bit.ly/walk2015LE1).

Second, think about the doors (online and offline) that you use, and that in some ways represent your world. How might you chose to represent/capture these? How do these doors define you? Why do you chose some doors…but ignore others?

Third, collect, capture, create, and share your work. You might choose to send out a link and a tweet to the #WalkMyWorld hashtag. You might choose to create and share a blog post, or video. You might choose to share links to a website, Wix, Weebly, wiki, etc. You decide what…and how to share. Just be sure to send this out to the #WalkMyWorld hashtag on Twitter.

Finally, sit back and see what else people are sharing. I personally like to create and share my content. It’s always a challenge to think aboutΒ what to share.Β I really love to see what others create, I see something even more creative than I would share…and that motivates me.


Have fun. Think deeply. I look forward to seeing what you all create. See you out there on the hashtag. πŸ™‚



Image CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Freedom Project Now

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