<span class='p-name'>Producing and Sharing Online Screencasts to Support Learners</span>

Producing and Sharing Online Screencasts to Support Learners

In a recent professional development event, I focused on my thinking about creating and using multimodal tutorials in teaching and learning. I indicated that it seems foolish to me to provide students or colleagues with a list of textual directions that indicate how to search and sift through different websites and online tools. It is also important to consider how powerful video is as a learning text for a number of our students.

Image attributed to http://www.iied.org/

Image attributed to http://www.iied.org/

My progression in the creation and use of multimodal content (images, video, and audio) moved from screen captures (static images clipped from the screen) to the production of screencasts (video recordings of events on a computer screen). In the talk, I discussed this progression of thought and share these materials on this webpage.

I then detailed the use of Skitch on the Mac or PC to create and annotate screen captures. (For those of you that attended the session…I apologize…Skitch is now available on Windows). We then moved to the use of Jing to not only create screen captures, but also produce screencasts on the Mac and PC. Finally, we discussed my recent use of Screencast-o-matic as a great tool in producing these screencasts on any computer. 

The session wrapped up with some discussion about how I use Google Presentation to share powerpoint presentations with students by embedding them in an online classroom. We also discussed using Explain Everything to record screencasts on the iPad. In future sessions, we’ll focus on the use of Google Presentation, Forms, Docs…and using the iPad to record discussions for students.

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