<span class='p-name'>Week Three – Multimodal Tutorials #ORMSMOOC</span>

Week Three – Multimodal Tutorials #ORMSMOOC

Welcome to week three of the Online Research and Media Skills (ORMS) Mentored Open Online Community (MOOC). The ORMS MOOC has existed in different iterations over the last two years. This current version is developed as an open learning experience for students in ED 6671 (syllabus here). ED 6671 examines opportunities for the use of instructional technologies in an educational context. We’ll not only discuss what to use in your classroom…but also how to use it.

In week three of the ORMS MOOC we’ll slowly shift over to the use of the website used for the MOOC. You can learn more about the ORMS MOOC here…and you can access the website for the MOOC here. This week we’ll start working in Module 1: Multimodal Tutorial. Each module lasts two weeks…you can work at your own pace. On the syllabus it has blog posts listed as being due this week, or next week. The truth is that you can submit your assignments at any point this week or next.

How to use the MOOC

To get started for this module (which lasts two weeks) you click here to get to the opening page for Module 1. On that opening page I list the learning outcomes, learning standards, a pre-survey, and a short intro video showing how to get through the module. On the Readings tab and Videos tab I list numerous texts that I think you should review. You do not have to review everything…you chose what you want to read/watch. You might also research online and find other things to read/watch/discuss.

Responding to Module 1 of the ORMS MOOC

During Module 1, you have two blog posts. Post one is a response/reflection to the prompt on the syllabus and the Discussion and Badges page. In your blog posts and responses to this module, please be sure to link out to anything and everything that you reviewed during the module. It is suggested that you use Storify to document your learning throughout the module. Let us know what you read, your reflections about what you read, and how it will now inform your thinking and practice.

Share your post out to the Google+ Community, and out to your favorite social networks. Be sure to use the hashtags (#ORMSMOOC and #ed6671).

Badges for Module 1 of the ORMS MOOC

At the conclusion of Module 1, you are to complete materials and pledge/apply for the Multimodal Tutorial Exemplar Badge.

To earn the badge for Module 1, you need to complete the following:

  1. Review all directives for the badge as detailed in the badge metadata on the badge page.
  2. Develop materials for a multimodal tutorial you would use with your students. The template for the multimodal tutorial is available here. Examples of other multimodal tutorials are available here. I’ll have more info about the multimodal tutorial in a post next week. For now…start to consider a digital text or tool you would like your students to use.
  3. Share your multimodal tutorial and any relevant links in a blog post. You might also choose to list these materials on your classroom website or learning hub.
  4. You should share this point out to the Google+ Community and your favorite social networks and use the #ORMSMOOC and #ed6671 hashtags. You’ll also need to leave a link to your work in the ORMS MOOC Google Group. This is how we’ll keep keep track of the badges…but we’ll talk about that later.


So for now…just start reading the materials for Module 1. Start to put your materials together for the reflective posts. Think about a digital text or tool you would like to use with your students in a larger unit. I’ll detail the requirements for the multimodal tutorial next week.


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