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Develop an assessment of critical online information literacies

Increasingly, students are using the Internet to obtain information about both general and academic topics. Along with this trend there is a growing concern about the dubious nature of online information, and users’ ability to validate or evaluate this information. Research shows that students are frequently deceived when viewing online content and are not able… Continue reading

Develop a criteria for critical evaluation of online information

A central challenge for educators today is that students do not always think critically about information they encounter online. Research has raised questions about the ability of students to evaluate online information. Quite simply, many students appear not to have the evaluation skills and strategies to succeed in this environment. Apparently, students mistakenly trust information… Continue reading

Privacy, Identity, & Protecting Yourself (and Your Students) Online

As we enter the Post-Snowden era, I’ve been busy reading, listening, watching, and reflecting about the impact this has on literacy and technology. There are plenty of places online that can (and cannot) read more about initial feelings and ramifications of this full-scale surveillance. I would suggest reviewing materials from Slate, danah boyd, and TechCrunch among others… Continue reading