<span class='p-name'>Application for the Web Literacy Ninja Badge – Donatello of the Web Lit Ninja Turtles</span>

Application for the Web Literacy Ninja Badge – Donatello of the Web Lit Ninja Turtles

This page serves as my application for the Web Literacy Ninja Badge as offered by Doug Belshaw. The badge, and the requisite criteria are available here. To review my work to submit for this open badge I consulted the Web Lit Map available here and pasted in the descriptors below.

I am applying for this meta level badge, and have titled my badge the “Donatello of the Web Lit Ninja Turtles.” In this submission I look to earn the open badge as having reached the highest level of Web Literacy-dom. I would also like to engage others to join me on this quest and help reunite the TMNT of Web Lit.

tumblr_inline_mz3ugdcvHS1srfaiqIn my submission I would also like to indicate that I don’t think that I have reached this rarefied air of “completion” or “mastery” of these web literacies. I think that I’m still thinking, learning, building, and breaking in online spaces. I’ll continue to do so until I die, or the FCC/MPAA/RIAA breaks the Internet for good.




Web Mechanics





Composing for the Web


Design and Accessibility

Coding/Scripting – this is a lame attempt to meet this criteria 🙂





Community Participation


Open Practices

EDIT>>>Good news…the badge was awarded. Feel free to review the badge, and evaluation here.



Image CC by Inked Alpha

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