<span class='p-name'>Badges, Data, and The #WALKMYWORLD Project</span>

Badges, Data, and The #WALKMYWORLD Project

The first group of participants in the #WALKMYWORLD project has come and gone. In their path is the residue of time spent connecting, creating, and sharing in online spaces. Currently we have different groups of individuals going back and finishing their walk, or greeting new participants as they make their way through. It is still a joy to look back and see what people are sharing as they engage in the project.

As you complete the #WALKMYWORLD project, please consider completing the survey to help us learn more about you and your time in the project. Primarily, this project is to allow us to better understand your perceptions of the project. We will research the work that we’ve conducted and present these findings to teacher and teacher educators. The goal is to make this type of learning happen more often in classrooms and professional development activities. To complete the survey, please click here.

This research is being conducted in the open. As a result we want to make our intentions…and data public. To view the results of the survey, please click here.

Finally, when you have completed the #WALKMYWORLD project, please apply for the digital badge at P2PU. To view and apply for the “I walked with #WALKMYWORLD” badge, please click here. After you are awarded your badge, you can save and display your badge online.

Once again, thank you for your time during the #WALKMYWORLD project.


Image CC by MrCharltonRaims

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