<span class='p-name'>Overview of the Instructional Technology& Digital Media Literacy (IT&DML) Program</span>

Overview of the Instructional Technology& Digital Media Literacy (IT&DML) Program

The Instructional Technologies and Digital Media Literacy (IT&DML) program is a Sixth Year Certificate program in the State of Connecticut. The website has some of the info about the program: http://www.newhaven.edu/itdml

Some of the specifics include:

  • The IT&DML is designed for people who are current CT  teachers or other instructional professionals.
  • The IT&DML offers expertise in authentic and effective use of instructional technologies in educational settings. CT  teachers who receive at 6YC are also eligible for a pay increase from school districts in CT  .
  • A 6YC is roughly equivalent to a CAGS (Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study) or an Education Specialist (Ed.S.).
  • The 11-course sequence is organized into a blended (hybrid) learning format. This means that most of the classes are online, while others are face-to-face. The majority of the classes that take place during the school year are scheduled to meet online.
  • The IT&DML is at the forefront of educational initiatives in the effective use of instructional technologies. As a result, all course materials will be presented as open content and will be available online. The entire program will be implemented and accessed through Chromebooks in the classroom.

For more info, please review the following presentation and video of the slides below.


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