<span class='p-name'>Collaborative Summer Read – The Information: A history, a theory, a flood</span>

Collaborative Summer Read – The Information: A history, a theory, a flood

As part of the IT&DML program, we’re starting up a professional development activity to help faculty, staff, students and alumni collaboratively think through a text each summer. The read for this summer is “The Information: A history, a theory, a flood” by James Gleick. For more information on the text, please visit the reviews that James posted, or the following video where he discusses the text.

The text was recommended by Laura Gibbs…and I trust anything Laura tells me to do. 🙂

For the purposes of this Collaborative Summer Read, I set up a Community in Google+. The Community is an online space we can use to talk about the text, and archive our thinking over time. As you work through the text, please indicate a specific passage from the text that speaks to you. In your post to the community, copy/type/paste the passge into the post. Indicate why you selected this passage. Finally, make sure the post is in the correct thread for each chapter in the text.

If this is your first time using Google+, or Communities, please follow this guide.

Once again, the Community for the collaborative summer read is available here. The summer read is an open discussion…please join us.



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