<span class='p-name'>Computational Thinking for the Educator & Researcher</span>

Computational Thinking for the Educator & Researcher

This week I presented a session at the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference (TLTCon) 2021. TLTCon is a free, fully online conference designed to bring together expertise from educational institutions across the region, spotlight teaching excellence, and provide a space for idea sharing and networking.  

My session was titled Computational Thinking in the Disciplines: Potential Uses, Assessments, and Methodologies for the Educator and Researcher. I wanted to provide an informal educational development space for participants to engage, connect, and build their professional learning networks related to research in computational thinking (CT) and learning. This session is grounded in the idea that CT can be envisioned as an essential problem-solving practice that is incorporated across the disciplines to allow educators and learners to interact meaningfully with both content and CT practices and skills.

My slides for the presentation are embedded below.

The video recording from the session is embedded below.

Photo by Sajad Nori on Unsplash

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