<span class='p-name'>Four Questions for Donna Alvermann About Empowering Students as Online Readers/Writers</span>

Four Questions for Donna Alvermann About Empowering Students as Online Readers/Writers

My column on Empowering Learners in the Reader/Writer Nature of the Digital Informational Space was just published in Volume 58, Issue 2 of JAAL. In this column I make the case that educators have the opportunity to empower learners as not only readers, but writers of online information. To do this we need to move students (and ourselves) from content consumers, to content curators, to content construction.

As a supplement to this column I invited five experts to spend some time discussing the broader impact of the details presented. The end result are short video segments of the experts responding to four questions about the implications of this work. Down below you can find the questions and video from one of the sessions.

Four Questions for Donna Alvermann

Donna Alvermann is the Omer Clyde & Elizabeth Parr Aderhold Professor in Education and Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of Georgia.

  • You’ve been interested in critical media literacies for a long time. Could you share what the term CML means to you?
  • What have you observed lately that excites you in the realm of critical media literacies?
  • Critical media literacy is alive and well in 2014, but what’s missing? 
  • How would you suggest teachers and teacher educators address these omissions?


Image CC by Leo Reynolds

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