<span class='p-name'>Google Forms and Online Survey Tools</span>

Google Forms and Online Survey Tools

Tonight in Measurement, Assessment, & Evaluation we will be reviewing the use of Google forms as a possible tool that can be used to administer online surveys. I’ve presented on Google Formsbefore as a great tool that can be used to easily build up online instruments that can be used to collect data and assess the learning of others. There are tons of uses for Google Forms that may not be one of the first things you might think of…take a quick peek at the collaborative document put together by Tom Barrett on some ways you could use Google Forms in your classroom and school.

There are several other great online survey tools (SurveyMonkeySurveyGizmoZoomerang) but for the price….FREE…you can’t beat the functionality of Google Forms. Google Forms is a part of Google Drive and interacts nicely with their online spreadsheet tool. The other benefit is that groups can collaboratively build a survey in Google Forms…and have access to the data when completed.

The biggest key to figuring out how to use Google Forms is to play with it until you get it working the way you want it. Google Forms still doesn’t let you add in multimodal content (images, videos, webpages) as of yet…but hopefully it’ll come soon. There are reports online that you can edit HTML code to do this, but I would not recommend it as of yet.

Here is the screencast from our class to use as a resource. Sadly the first chunk of the video had issues with the sound.

Here is a quick tutorial I put together for the Digital Sandbox:

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