<span class='p-name'>Create a Game or “Choose Your Own Adventure” Using Google Forms</span>

Create a Game or “Choose Your Own Adventure” Using Google Forms

For the third make of the 2014 Connected Learning MOOC (#CLMOOC) I was tasked with creating a Game. Due to recent events with the Facebook Mood Experiment, I wanted to create a simple game that would allow me to satirize the experiment, while educating users. I also wanted to play a bit with gaming.

Initial planning & playing with Gamestar Mechanic

I started by reading and reviewing the blog post by Kevin Hodgson on the #CLMOOC video game and how to build your own using Gamestar Mechanic. I then reached out the #CLMOOC community for some support, and had a quick HoA with Terry Elliott to share my thinking.

After the HoA I spent some time playing with Gamestar Mechanic to see if I could use it to create the game I envisioned in my head. Although it is a great program, Gamestar would not allow me to create the type of game that I wanted for my “FacePalm Mood Experiment” game.

Playing & testing other game creation tools, Thimble and Scratch

I searched online for other gaming platforms that I could use to create my game. I tested Mozilla Thimble and searched online for other gaming platforms…and how to create flash-based games. Thimble and the flash-based tools looked interesting, but I didn’t have the time, or expertise to use them. I tested the following tools (FlashGameDojo, Make Flash Games, Sploder).

I then moved to Scratch to create my game. I searched for examples of “multiple choice tests” to get an idea of what I could create in Scratch. I then decided that this was more of a “choose your own adventure” because I only needed two answer choices per prompt. I found and started to remix the following “choose your own adventure” Scratch piece. I spent some time editing and revising…but then gave up…I need more time to play with Scratch.

Choose your own adventure and Google Forms

After playing with Scratch, I decided that I wanted to make a “choose your own adventure”, but needed a different tool. I did a quick Google Search, and found the following guide created by Sylvia Duckworth.

[google-drive-embed url=”https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G7xUe2IQNALsoqZe7uKofyPRu7O2ligqoVckjRNpOa4/preview” title=”How to make a ‘Choose your own adventure’ story with Google apps” icon=”https://ssl.gstatic.com/docs/doclist/images/icon_11_document_list.png” width=”100%” height=”400″ style=”embed”]


I followed the steps detailed in the provided guide. The end result is the FacePalm Social Mood Experiment.


Image CC by wikipedia

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