<span class='p-name'>Help Debunk the Digital Native Myth</span>

Help Debunk the Digital Native Myth

For Week Four of the Connected Learning MOOC we were to “hack our writing.” I chose instead to hack the writing of one of the members of my PLN on G+.

I’ve once again been working to debate, or debunk the Digital Natives myth. I believe that it is almost to the point of damaging for educators that want to use tech in their classroom. They start with a predetermined mindset, bordering on defeatism that they’re “immigrants” and are not genetically/historically able to work/play with tech. It takes some time to unpack and negate this mindset.

Nevertheless, I took Doug Holton’s original blog post on Digital Natives, and added the text to Poetry/Rap Genius. You can annotate and comment on the text here at Poetry/Rap Genius…or review the commentary in the embedded selection below.

Image CC by alterpensiero

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