<span class='p-name'>Toward an Internet Bill of Rights</span>

Toward an Internet Bill of Rights

Given the recent events surrounding rights, freedoms, and literacy on the Internet, I would like to continue to reach out to interested parties to develop an Internet Bill of Rights. I believe this needs to be a grassroots effort that is collaboratively developed and promoted globally.

To that end, I started up a document that can be used to initially start the discussion and bring consensus to the field. On the document, and embedded below you’ll find three ways that you can help out with this initiative. You may log-in to Google and leave your name in your comments, or you can do so anonymously.

  • First, in Section A of the document, please indicate the rights and freedoms that you believe are inherent to the Internet.
  • Second, in Section B, we will begin to synthesize and develop the Internet Bill of Rights.
  • Third, in Section C, we’ll share and synthesize prior work and initiative in this area. Please feel free to edit and share pieces of prior work that are included or missing.

You can also support this initiative by sharing this post and the included collaborative document widely online. When we have an initial working copy, we’ll post this to Wikipedia and allow all to continue to edit, revise, and comment on our findings.

Photo by Jennifer Griffin on Unsplash

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