<span class='p-name'>Guides In The Monster Factory</span>

Guides In The Monster Factory

As per a recommendation from good friend Doug Belshaw, I listened to a two-part interview with Vinay Gupta first is a two-part interview with Vinay Gupta from the Emerge podcast in 2019. The two episodes on the Emerge podcast are entitled Waking Up in the Monster Factory (Part 1 / Part 2). I recommend spending some time listening.

I first learned about Gupta through Doug from a five part series of interviews he held on the Future Thinkers Podcast. In this wide-ranging series of discussions, Gupta discussed technosocial systems, meditation, enlightenment, and the blockchain. Needless to say, these interviews fueled years of learning for me. So, when Doug indicated that he came across something from Vinay…I had to dive in.

The Monster Factory

In the episodes on the Emerge podcast, Gupta discusses the impending planetary crisis and why we ought to abandon all causes except the avoidance of total human extinction. So yes…this is not a light listen.

Gupta describes our systems as a form of a monster factory, and if you recognize the systems for what they are, you’re most likely better off.

I’m still processing much of what I learned from the episodes, but my first initial takeaway revolves around the topic of mindfulness and finding your guide.

I Chose This Story

Gupta indicates in the interview that these topics are not easy to think about, let alone discuss with others. As such, if you decide to do the work and meditate, or consider the problems of the world, you’d better have a guide.

I’d you’re going to pry people’s eyes open, you’d better be there to support them when things get messy.

At times the learning will be messy, but it should never be mean. It should never be debilitating.

If you choose this story to share with others, it is your responsibility to fully explain it to others.

That means that (IMHO) it is irresponsible to lecture others, send out tweets, or engage in your own learning without a guide that has already been there. That guide must also be willing and able to assist when you get stuck.

In my own work, I think about the areas in which I guide or lecture others. I am not helping them if I provide a part of the story, or do not stick around until their understanding of the story is complete.

My role as an educator provides some natural limits or end points to the ability to “stick around” until the end of the story with my community. My use of this blog, and my newsletter is one opportunity to continue this dialog.

Nevertheless, I chose this story. In doing so, I make a commitment to be there to help negotiate the tricky parts, and make sure they continue along their path and various stages of awareness.

What paths are you on? Who are your guides in this process? Who do you guide as others continue in their journey?

Photo by Yaopey Yong on Unsplash

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