<span class='p-name'>Introducing Web Literacy – Reading, Writing, & Participating</span>

Introducing Web Literacy – Reading, Writing, & Participating

This October, I’ll be presenting a session with Greg McVerry at the 2015 K-12 Online Conference. Our session will be released on Tuesday, October 27th. Our session will focus on the Web Literacy Map, Version 1.5 and opportunities to embed reading, writing, and participation on the web and in your classroom.

Video remix teaser

As part of this work, we were asked to develop a teaser to share with the community. To create the following video, I wanted to have a response, or more appropriately a remix of the popular commercial making the rounds introducing Windows 10.

While reviewing this commercial, I love the thinking that students and children can do anything with technology. I hated the thinking that it had to be focused on an app, device, or platform. To that end, I set about remixing available online content to make my own commercial for the web literacy initiative.

For my most recent work and writing about the web literacy work, please review this post.

Remixing  online content

To create this video teaser, I searched for and downloaded the following Creative Commons licensed video content:

I also found and downloaded this CC-licensed audio track to use as the backbone of the video:

I remixed all of this content in iMovie and added a voiceover narration to complete the piece.

The video teaser



Cover photo by David_Bekaert http://flickr.com/photos/david_bekaert/15362877914 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license


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