<span class='p-name'>Reflections from Week Nine of the #WALKMYWORLD Project</span>

Reflections from Week Nine of the #WALKMYWORLD Project

We’re coming to the end of week nine of the #WALKMYWORLD project. Next week we’ll complete our time together by reaching out, and connecting with others online. In a way, this will be bittersweet as we’ve come along way together.

We’ve have spent a lot of time documenting our world and giving others a chance to peek into our identities. For many of us, this was a challenge as we’re still trying to figure out our online identity, and even more of us have never used Twitter, or considered playing with multimodal information. Through it all, I appreciate the fact that a large number of people have engaged with us with arms wide open. Many of you, as evidenced by your curated work on Storify have been very thoughtful about who you really are…or at least who are you in the content you’ve shared in this project.

One of the coolest things that has happened this week is several of my students have come up and said…you know, I looked back at the content that I shared in this project…but that’s not really me. Or at least it’s not the “me” that I want to present as my digital identity. Can I edit and revise for my curation on Storify? OF COURSE!!! 🙂 This is about noticing, and naming our worlds…and who we would like to be in these online spaces.

As we wrap up week nine in the #WALKMYWORLD project, I have been saving everyone’s Storify curation tweet. I used Google Spreadsheets, and the new Twitter Curator add-on…which is totally awesome!!! Take a look at the embedded spreadsheet and make sure your tweet, and your Storify curation is shared on the spreadsheet. If for some reason I missed it…feel free to get in there and add it. I set the page up so you can all edit. You can access and review the full spreadsheet by clicking here.

I’ll continue to add the links as I see them pop up. Thanks again for curating…and sharing. Please feel free to check out what others have been curating and sharing.


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