<span class='p-name'>The Doorway Effect</span>

I came across this post by Tom Stafford that discusses “forgetfulness”, or at least what I thought was forgetfulness. 🙂

The post discusses the “doorway effect”, or at least the challenge that happens when you run into a room looking to do one thing, or grab one thing and you get lost or forget the one thing you were there for.

He provides a helpful analogy to explain what is happening.

These features of our minds are perhaps best illustrated by a story about a woman who meets three builders on their lunch break. “What are you doing today?” she asks the first. “I’m putting brick after sodding brick on top of another,” sighs the first. “What are you doing today?” she asks the second. “I’m building a wall,” is the simple reply. But the third builder swells with pride when asked, and replies: “I’m building a cathedral!”

This resonates with me as my mind is often lost in (what I believe are) the more pressing concerns or things I’m working on. As an example, I’m very aware of the two deadlines that I have today that I need to get done right after this post.

This also makes me think about working with learners. They might come at the problem from each of these three mindsets.

Some need to see and understand the whole picture before getting started. Some need to start at point one and move on.

It’s important to remain considerate of each and identify their entry points as they get started.

I think this is also a need to not limit your dreams or goals as you lay that first brick.

Do not let your shadow walk you. You are not a slave of the past.


What are you building?

Photo by Joakim Honkasalo on Unsplash

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