<span class='p-name'>Virtual High Fives in #WalkMyWorld – Learning Event Two 2015</span>

Virtual High Fives in #WalkMyWorld – Learning Event Two 2015

Welcome all to Learning Event Two in the #WalkMyWorld Project. For the full write-up on this second learning event, please click here. This blog post will share the information presented in the original post on the #WalkMyWorld Project website…but add a bit of extra information and guidance.

Who is in your community?

Every day we connect with friends, family, and colleagues online and off. We share, connect, learn, and laugh with others in a way that impacts our lives. These communities and connections can take various forms. Some of us connect and share in “real-world” interactions like book clubs, classes, or meals.


Sometimes these connections merge over, or solely take place in online, digital spaces. In these virtual spaces we’re not constrained by place and space as we connect with others. There is also a certain amount of serendipity that occurs as we connect and learn with others in an open learning ecosystem. I can send out a tweet and connect with others on a hashtag to learn about a whole new world.


Share a high five with someone new

Part of the #WalkMyWorld Project is always about connecting and sharing with someone new. This year in the project, we wanted to foreground this experience and bring those connections up to the beginning of our time together.

To do this, we ask how might you reach out and connect with others in the #WalkMyWorld community? How could you give or receive a virtual high five? What would this look like?

How do I do this?

For Learning Event Two we ask that you share out some representation of yourself and say “hello” to the #WalkMyWorld community. You can create or capture a photo, video, avatar, symbol, graphic, gif, etc. Tweet this out to #WalkMyWorld and say “hello” to the community. Ask someone to reach out and say “hello” in response.

After you have sent out your tweet, I would take some time and watch other people pop up in the Twitter stream saying “hello.” Find someone that interests you and respond to the content that they share on the #WalkMyWorld hashtag. Say “hello” and get to know them. In a way…give them a virtual high five!!!

Once again, you can review the description for Learning Event Two at this page. You might also chose to share the “short URL” for this first event (http://bit.ly/walk2015LE2).

Have fun, get out there and connect. Who knows…you might make a new friend. 🙂



Cover image CC UUSC

Middle image CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Louis du Mont

Bottom image CC BY-NC 2.0 César Astudillo

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