<span class='p-name'>Where Do We Stand With the Mozilla Web Literacy Map?</span>

Where Do We Stand With the Mozilla Web Literacy Map?

The work with the Mozilla Web Literacy Map is coming to a break in the action as the work cycle for the Badge Alliance Digital & Web Literacy  Working Group is coming to an end. It seems this is a good time to pause our work and identify exactly where we stand at this point…and what direction do we need to head.

As I noted earlier, Doug Belshaw spent a couple of weeks interviewing people in the field to get feedback on the current version of the Web Literacy Map. The semi-structured interviews focused on five basic questions:

  1. Are you currently using the Web Literacy Map (v1.1)? In what kind of context?
  2. What does the Web Literacy Map do well?
  3. What’s missing from the Web Literacy Map?
  4. What kinds of contexts would you like to use an updated (v2.0) version of the Web Literacy Map?
  5. Who would you like to see use/adopt the Web Literacy Map?

At this point, Doug has completed all of his interviews and analyzed the content. You can review the content for yourself at the following links. I really appreciate the fact that Doug is conducting this investigation in the open. I think it provides a guide that we can all follow…and strive for.

Doug published a great post indicating the themes as he sees them across all of the interviews. You can review…and I suggest comment there to keep these ideas in one place.

Looking at the themes, I agree with much of what has been presented. I think the model works now…for the most part. I think that now it is time to field test this work and get it out in the wild. We’re in the process of doing this as we develop a badging ecosystem. Finally, we need to continually consider the “normals” out there that are the intended audience of this web literacy map. I hope that the normal person that doesn’t consider themselves to be tech savvy can pick these up and build their skillset. More importantly, I hope that teachers can pick this up and build a classroom full of web literate individuals.


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