<span class='p-name'>My (Current) Thoughts on the Mozilla Web Literacy Initiative</span>

My (Current) Thoughts on the Mozilla Web Literacy Initiative

I recently had the privilege to spend about 45 minutes with my good friend Doug Belshaw to discuss our work on the Mozilla Web Literacy Map. Doug is on a quest to “push pause” on our work with the #weblitmap to talk with some people to figure out what direction we should head next. I definitely recommend scrolling through the other individuals he in the process of interviewing. You’ll find a cool collection of some awesome people online….far cooler than me. 🙂 You can find everything here at the WebLiteracy Tumblr.

You can find my interview here where I share my thoughts on where I believe the Web Literacy Map should head. I’ve been lucky to follow along and witness the growth of this initiative since the very beginning. Please go over to review the interview…and the other interviews in the sequence at the WebLiteracy Tumblr. We need to build up a response and get some solid feedback as we scale up our work.


In a related story, I’ve been impressed by a lot of content construction and blogging that Doug shares online. I really like his use of audio recordings and embedding this into blogs and most notably on Tumblr. I also appreciate the way that Doug archives content on Archive.org. I’m considering following suit with content that I help develop through different initiatives.

I asked Doug what process he uses to prepare and share audio recordings to make it look so professional. You can review his blog post here.


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