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Internet Inquiry Projects

Many times in our classrooms we create WebQuests to have students explore online resources. WebQuests typically contain an introduction, task, process, evaluation, and conclusion. WebQuests play a vital role in the classroom by providing students with a scripted, guided examination of online resources in a topic. As students expand beyond the WebQuest, the next step… Continue reading

Three steps to move students from readers to writers of digital content

The term digital native was coined and popularized by Marc Prensky in his 2001 article titled Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. In this he posited that the contemporary decline in American education was due to educators’ inability to understand the needs of modern students. Students were labeled digital natives and said to have an insider’s perspective… Continue reading

Week Six – Students Collaborating & Co-Constructing Online Information #ORMSMOOC

Welcome to week six of the Online Research and Media Skills (ORMS) Mentored Open Online Community (MOOC). The ORMS MOOC has existed in different iterations over the last two years. This current version is developed as an open learning experience for students in ED 6671 (syllabus here). ED 6671 examines opportunities for the use of instructional technologies in… Continue reading

Empowering Learners in the Reader/Writer Nature of the Digital Informational Space

Last week my first of four columns as Multiliteracies Department Editor for JAAL was published. The column, titled Empowering Learners in the Reader/Writer Nature of the Digital Informational Space discusses opportunities to move learners from readers to writers in the digital informational space. The Internet is the dominant text of this generation, and through intentional use it… Continue reading