<span class='p-name'>Apply a Creative Commons License to your Digital Learning Hub</span>

Apply a Creative Commons License to your Digital Learning Hub

This trimester students in our IT&DML program will begin building and refining their digital learning hub. As I detailed in a previous post, the digital learning hub is viewed as the teaching space, or the teacher website for each individual. The “hub” as it is affectionately referred to is a sister-site to the blog that each student starts up at the beginning of the program. Their blog is a reflective tool used for sharing and “thinking through” ideas. The blog is also a great way to “market” their skills, or share additions to the hub.

I recommend the use of Google Sites, or Wikispaces as you build up your digital learning hub. Additionally, use and sharing of Creative Commons (CC) licensed content is very important to us. We (faculty and students) frequently blog, construct, and share content openly online. To that end,  we’ve developed a series of informational materials on CC-licensing and teaching about CC licenses to faculty and students (CC-licensed by Nancy Atterberry & Tim Flanagan).

Adding a CC license to a Blogger site has proved challenging. For WordPress I use (and love) the Creative Commons Configurator. You can follow along with other ways to add a CC license to individual content, please review the following resource from Amit Agarwal and the Digital Inspiration blog.

I finally figured out how to add a CC license to the bottom of my hub, the Digital Texts and Tools Online Repository, and the ORMS MOOC. To start off, visit the following site and select the license you want to assign. You’ll then need to copy the HTML code they give you in the bottom right window.

CC license

Then go to your Google Site, click on the gear in the top right corner, go down to “Edit Site Layout” under Site Actions. From there you can select where you want to paste in the HTML code you just copied. I pasted this into an HTML box in the footer of the website. I wanted to make sure that the CC license appears on every page of the website.




Image CC by opensourceway

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