<span class='p-name'>Day One at the MA New Literacies Institute – ChalkBoardMan Moving From Print to Screen</span>

Day One at the MA New Literacies Institute – ChalkBoardMan Moving From Print to Screen

We just wrapped up our first day at the MA New Literacies Institute. Today was a whirlwind as presenters and participants gradually started unpacking the “nuts and bolts” of the curriculum that we present here during the week. For more info about the schedule and materials, please visit our site here.

We did have a lot of fun pieces of the day. I put out a challenge to presenters and participants for a #vineoff. I showed everyone how to use Twitter..and how to use Vine. Additionally, you can check out some of the really fun vines that people are sharing on Twitter at the following hashtags, either #newlit or more specifically #ChalkBoardMan  One of my personal favorites, is the first Vine that I saw from Kristy Dyer.

On a more serious note, in a session in the early morning we all spent time describing our definitions of “literacy.” The different groups had subtle, nuanced changes between their versions. However, two common threads emerged from the work. The first was very exciting, it seems like we made the leap from print to screen. Many times in these sessions we primarily think of literacy as print dominant. All of the groups indicated multiple forms of literacy and text. The second thread that came out from almost all of the groups was an issue of empowerment. We viewed literacy as a means to empower ourselves…and our students. The Vine embedded below is from Stephanie Grimaldi as she captured most of the work as we “expressed” literacy.


Image CC by marketingwithmarcos

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