<span class='p-name'>Digital MacGyver: What’s In Your Bag – The Chromebook, Chromecast, and a Flexible Solution</span>

Digital MacGyver: What’s In Your Bag – The Chromebook, Chromecast, and a Flexible Solution

In a previous post here on this blog I shared the contents of my bag as I prepared for my annual pilgrimage to the Microsoft NERD Center and the MA New Literacies Institute. I love these types of posts on Lifehacker. I wanted to put together an updated post as I’ve tweaked a lot of my tools that I carry. My goal this upcoming week is to do everything from the cloud…and my Chromebook. I want to not use my MacBook Pro this upcoming week. In upcoming talks and conferences, I’d like to travel only using my Chromebook and phone. This week will be a great test of that system.

Below you’ll find the contents of my technology “go” bag. For the most part…I carry this everyday. One thing that I left out of the picture…but is extremely useful is a mini all-purpose screw driver set. It takes up the space of a marker, and has saved me a couple of times when I needed to screw into a VGA cord.



The new bag (A) is the Timbuk2 Commute 2.o Messenger Bag for 13-inch laptops. I purchased this specifically for my Chromebook. It manages to fit the Chromebook, my iPad, and all of the wires I need. I’m bringing the Chromecast (B) to hopefully use in presentations, and possibly in the hotel room to watch movies. The Timbuk2 Beer Goggles (C) is a reinforced, padded case for my sunglasses. I usually would stuff these in my bag, or leave them behind in the hotel room. Now, I can zip them up in the case and easily access them when needed.



Counter-clockwise from the bottom left:

A: Samsung Chromebook

B: iPad in OtterBox Reflex Vapor case. Awesome iPad case & stand. I’m bringing the iPad in case connecting to the VGA is lousy through my adapters, or the HMDI is not available through Chromecast.

C: USB drives

D: VGA adapter for iPad

E: Headphones

F: Power for Chromebook

G: Power for Galaxy Nexus

H: HDMI cable

I: USB extension cables

J: batteries

second J: iPad plug & USB cable

L: Advil 😉

M: HMDI to VGA adapter for the Chromebook

N: second HDMI to VGA adapter for the Chromebook

O: Gum, Burt’s Beeswax, Clif Bars


That’s what I will be carrying this week. Many of the items are similar to the gear that I previously brought. What do you carry in your bag everyday?

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