<span class='p-name'>What I Use: Evernote to Bookmark Websites and Webpages</span>

What I Use: Evernote to Bookmark Websites and Webpages

In this installment of the Digital MacGyver series I take a look at using Evernote as a bookmarking tool.

Previously I’ve toyed with social bookmarking tools like Diigo and Delicious as a way to collect, curate, and share bookmarks of things I find interesting online. The only challenge is that no one wanted to share with me .  🙁

The other thing I used to do is collect a series of bookmarks that meant absolutely nothing to me as a I searched and sifted online informational texts. I would have dozens and dozens of bookmarks saved in Firefox, and synced across my browsers and devices. Every couple of months I would go back and try to figure out why I saved them in the first place.

To combat this I started using Evernote and the Web Clipper or Clearly extension in Chrome to save pages. Now, I can save an entire page into Evernote, and search for it later when I’m looking for it. For more guidance on how I use Evernote…please review this blog post.


Image CC by blackwind

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