<span class='p-name'>Digital MacGyver: Pocket & the Ability to Read it Later</span>

Digital MacGyver: Pocket & the Ability to Read it Later

I’ve been asked by several colleagues to share some of the tricks, tools, and general strategies I use on a daily basis to get work done. To that end I’ll start posting one of these super-user, web ninja type of activities every weekend. The goal is to share some “fun” ways that you can empower yourself using digital texts and tools. Some of these tips and tricks will be easy. Some will be a bit taxing. All are meant to push your thinking about different ways that we can tweak our toolkit as we work with technology. Enough already…let’s start with the first post in the Digital MacGyver series.


I’m often overwhelmed with the amount of information that I need to search and sift through online. To make sense of this mess I implement tools to help me save text for later. “Later” usually means when I have the brain-space to carry on and really think, or read about the web page. One tool that can be used for this purpose is Pocket.

Pocket is a service that will allow you to save online materials to read later. Pocket is totally free. You can install Pocket on your Android, or iOs device. The coolest thing about Pocket is that for those of us that are using Chromebooks…the new Pocket Chrome App will allow you to read your materials offline.


Image CC by blackwind

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