<span class='p-name'>Embedding New Literacies in the Common Core State Standards</span>

Embedding New Literacies in the Common Core State Standards

This morning I’m keynoting the Literacy & Learning Conference at Bloomsburg University. This blog post (and an earlier post) contains the materials I’ll be presenting in my keynote and breakout sessions. The PPT for this session is available here…a recording is available immediately below the PPT. The keynote, and breakout session will focus on the ORMS open, online class that I have been developing for educators. The ORMS class is available here.

Please leave questions and comments below…or via Google+ and/or Twitter.

The PPT for the Breakout Session:

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4 Comments Embedding New Literacies in the Common Core State Standards

  1. Elyse EA

    Hi Ian,
    I think this common core work would be great as a resource in Digital Is — and would connect to your proposed MOOC. (Beyond a blog post to a full resource.)

    It’s essentially all here…

    1. wiobyrne

      Hi Elyse,

      Thanks again. I’m working on some tweaks to the ORMS MOOC right now. I’ll be extending the learning that teachers need to really dig into these skills. I also will embed the new Mozilla Web Literacies (when we’re finished). Finally, I’m also working with some of my grad students on a series of digital badges to offer as part of the MOOC. I think we’ll be done it all in about a month…and then will really open it up. We’ll make it a resource on Digital IS at that point.

      Thanks again for the support. -Ian

      1. Elyse EA

        Great; keep me posted in case I’m ‘summer crazy’ and don’t notice. 🙂 We’ll be pleased to list the MOOC in Educator Innovator too. Hi to everyone at Mozilla Web literacies.

        1. wiobyrne

          Hi Elyse. Will do. Once I get this edited and it makes a bit more sense I’ll send it out to a select few to check it out before re-launching it. Thanks again.


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