<span class='p-name'>Keynote at the Literacy and Learning Conference</span>

Keynote at the Literacy and Learning Conference

I’ll be presenting the friday keynote at the Literacy & Learning Conference on May 24th, 2013. The keynote and associated breakout session will focus on the Common Core State Standards and possible uses of new and digital literacies in instruction. Specifically, I’ll be focusing on the Online Research and Media Skills Curriculum that I developed with Greg McVerry. This curriculum is the same model that we use with presentations and the MA NLI. I’ll share my talk, and hopefully a recording of both of these sessions here. I have included in below the title for each session, and the summary that will be added to the program.


The title of the Keynote:  Authentically and effectively embedding new literacies in the Common Core State Standards
Common Core State Standards do not make room for new literacies. The talk will focus on the nature of information on the Internet and its implications for how teachers think about reading comprehension, critical thinking, and learning in a digital information age. In short, we need to embrace all literacies. We will explore how the Internet poses new challenges for learners that extend beyond traditional reading comprehension skills in order to encompass these new literacies as well as the higher level thinking skills associated with them. We will end with a call to action for teachers and administrators for truly preparing all students to be literate in a digital age.
The title of the Breakout Session: Empowering students in the reader/writer nature of online information
This session will take a closer look at ways to effectively integrate skills and strategies needed to support all literacies when working with Internet and Communication Technologies (ICT) in classrooms. The session will focus on the planning, implementation and assessment of an inquiry-based lesson. The lesson will involve objectives deemed appropriate by Common Core Standards, but accelerated through the use of ICTs. Participants will leave with effective ways to embed literacy and research skills in the technologically equipped classroom.


  • 💬 Embedding New Literacies in the Common Core State Standards | W. Ian O'Byrne

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