<span class='p-name'>Empowering Students in the Reader/Writer Nature of Online Information</span>

Empowering Students in the Reader/Writer Nature of Online Information

This afternoon I have the privilege of attending and presenting at the Treasure Mountain Research Retreat. According to their website, Treasure Mountain is a group of school library researchers and practitioners that initially met in conjunction with the AASL National Conference in 1989. In a round-table session today I’ll be presenting on the work that we’ve been building up surrounding the ORMS model and our MOOC.

The materials for our session are embedded below. I did not submit a paper to present with our session as the materials that I would submit as a paper are due in a couple of days for a book chapter. I also prefer to share these materials openly online here on this blog…and in the ORMS MOOC. To that end, you can view the chapter proposal for our upcoming book chapter by clicking here. The link brings you to a Google Doc that you can comment on. The ultimate final draft we’re submitting for this chapter will be much shorter than this proposal, so you may be getting more value with this proposal and the MOOC.

Without further ado…here is the Presentation for today’s session.


Image CC by gypsyscholarship


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