<span class='p-name'>Finding Value in Life</span>

Finding Value in Life

In consideration of our present levels of awareness, we often have difficulty identifying and becoming aware of these perspectives. Furthermore, it serves as an impediment and blocks us from making advancements in our own lives.

There are several reasons why we find this to be difficult.

  • What we picture or imagine about the world is based on our beliefs and perceptions about truth. This version of the truth may be faulty or distorted, but our minds control our actions and reactions informed by this perception of truth.
  • It is easier to give reasons for not changing, or vouch for what it is not possible to change, as opposed to making the change. Making the change is harder than simply making excuses.
  • In our daily interactions and decisions, we seek out experiences that support our values systems and perceptions of truth. We ignore, reject, or forcibly avoid beliefs, perceptions, or behaviors that are inconsistent with our narratives of the world.
  • We have built and programmed our minds and bodily systems to respond in ways that react and reify to the truth and perspectives we’ve developed. We have conditioned ourselves to feel, act, and react to the narratives that we’ve established for ourselves.

Through conditioning of our mind and body, and as informed by sociocultural perspectives, we’ve created these narratives that we cannot break out of.

Many of us cannot recognize or identify the narrative in the first place. For those of us that do recognize the narrative and try to problematize it, this process seems unhealthy and harmful to our very being.

What we need to power our future is a sense of mission.

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