<span class='p-name'>Technology, Instruction, Learning in Teaching (TILT) Student Survey</span>

Technology, Instruction, Learning in Teaching (TILT) Student Survey

The purpose of the technology, Instruction, Learning in Teaching (TILT) survey is to assess the use of instructional technologies by faculty, instructors, and students in higher education.

Instructional technology is defined as the design and implementation of digital texts and tools in order to create engaging, effective learning experiences.

This version of the TILT survey is designed for students in higher education and is designed to provide insight into the instructional technologies students use in classes.

Initial Version

The Google Doc embedded below shares the initial version of the survey that was used by the research team as we edited, revised, and discussed the items. Click here to go directly to the document.

Revision History

You can use Draftback, a Chrome extension to review the edits made to the survey.

We had a little over 1,250 revisions made in the final survey.

Final Version

You can review the final version of the survey that was administered to faculty in the document shared below.

Click here to review the survey in Qualtrics.

Photo by Fabian Irsara on Unsplash

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