<span class='p-name'>Four Questions for Kyle Bowen About Digital Badges</span>

Four Questions for Kyle Bowen About Digital Badges

Our column on Digital Badges: Recognizing, Assessing, and Motivating Learners In and Out of School Contexts was just published in JAAL. I co-wrote the column with Katerina Schenke, James E. Willis, and Daniel Hickey.

As a supplement to the column, we invited a series of experts to spend some time discussing the broader impact of the details presented. The end result is a series of short video segments of the experts responding to a set of four questions about the column. You can review the video interview and four questions used at the bottom of this post.

Four Questions for Kyle Bowen

Kyle Bowen is the Director of Education Technology at Penn State. You can review more of his content at classhack.com.

1. How do you define digital badges?
2. How do you see badges affecting student motivation and engagement?
3. What value or connection did you see between digital badges and the “normal” or traditional assessments we find in classrooms?
4. What possibilities do you see in digital badges in higher education…how do you think higher education should be using badges with their students?


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