<span class='p-name'>Help Create a Web Literate Planet With The Mozilla Web Literacies</span>

Help Create a Web Literate Planet With The Mozilla Web Literacies

TL;DR version: Get involved in the Mozilla Web Literacies initiative. Explore, Build, and Connect a more web literate future for the digital tiny tykes.

The work on the Mozilla Web Literacies has been continuing beyond the original beta launch of the strands. To follow the work on these Web Literacies please visit this site, or go directly to the graphic of the learning standards here. You can also follow along with the progress from the weekly community calls by visiting the Tumblr page for the meetings, or the Google Group.

It may seem like we’ve made a lot of progress in defining these Web Literacies…and we have..but there is still work to do. Here are three great ways you can help define what it means to be “web literate” for future generations.

  • Visit the public bundle of Google Docs for the three learning standards (Exploring, Building, & Connecting). Please review…and comment on the standards, and help identify specific skills or competencies that should be addressed.
  • Review the previous community calls…all are available on the Tumblr site. You can review the EtherPads for each meeting…and listen to the call recordings. Feel free to continuously tell me to stop talking. 😉
  • Get involved in the process. Join us for future community calls. Get involved on Twitter at #weblitstd. Use the Web Literacies in your own learning environment.

Please join us in developing, revising, and using these literacies of new and digital informational sources. By getting involved, you can help create a more web literate planet for future generations.

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