<span class='p-name'>LRA: Research to Practice 004 – Gender as a Lens</span>

LRA: Research to Practice 004 – Gender as a Lens

Episode 004 of the LRA: Research to Practice Show was held on Monday January 17th from 7:00-8:00 pm.

The purpose of the Research to Practice series is to connect current research and “best principles” to what could/should be happening in the classroom. We’ll be using Google Hangouts-on-Air to broadcast and save the shows. This means that you can watch the show live while it is happening…and ask questions. You can watch it on YouTube after the show has completed. Because it is on YouTube you can also share with teachers and students that you believe would be interested in the topics, or the series.

This last episode focused on the use of gender as a lens in the classroom. The intent was to identify the use of gender as a perspective in teaching and learning, and in later episodes we’ll come back to this focus.  Our panel included Maree Bender, Carla Meyer, Nancy Niemi, Kim Richard, and Caitlin Ryan.

Show notes and resources for the episode are available here.

The audio MP3 version of the episode is available here.

The video for the episode is available below.


Image CC by offoxesandhedgehogs

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